The Eyes of My Mother shows us how to keep our loved-ones close, really close.

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The Eyes of My Mother shares the morbid story of a young  girl, Francisca, who is taught human anatomy by her mother, a surgeon in Portugal, exposed Francisca to surgeries and other medical practices at a young age.


After witnessing a stranger murder her mother, Francisca becomes traumatized and discovers other monsters hidden inside herself.


Longing for any connection from to mother, Francisca and her father decide to keep her mother’s killer chained up in their barn. Francisca “takes care of” this man as if he were her pet. The gore begins with Francisca (remembering surgeries her mother performed) removing his eyes, and cutting his vocal cords so he can not speak. It’s an awful sight to see. We see Francisca feed him and talk to him daily.

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