Would You Rather: Decision Making in its Rawest Form.

Would You Rather movie poster (Source: IMDb.com)

Would You Rather shares it name with a childhood game. This film turns that game into a sadistic thrill during a dinner party. Iris, (played by Brittany Snow) is taking care of her terminally ill brother, after their parents die. She is struggling to pay his medical bills. In comes a wealthy man who is willing to pay her bills if she attends his dinner party. Sounds simple enough, right? Too Iris’ surprise, there is a catch. Iris is escorted into the dining room where other guests are seated. Like Iris, each guests is there for the money.

One diner guests happens to be Sasha Grey, Yes THAT Sasha Grey. (Source: IMDb.com)

The wealthy man makes his appearance. This sinister man uses these guests to amuse himself. He starts out by asking “would you rather?” He gives each guest the option of performing two tasks, and they have 15 seconds to decide which task to perform. These tasks included electrocution, stabbing, cutting, and killing a fellow guest.

Our Gracious Host. (Source: IMDb.com)

After beating the rest of her competitors, Iris is the winner of the cash prize.

This movie is a roller coaster of a story. We see what lines people cross to earn money. This film keeps your attention from start to finish. I couldn’t stop watching. Any horror fan will appreciate the gore, plot, and all the twisted games these dinner guests partake in.