The Eyes of My Mother shows us how to keep our loved-ones close, really close.

Movie poster for The Eyes of My Mother (Source:

The Eyes of My Mother shares the morbid story of a young  girl, Francisca, who is taught human anatomy by her mother, a surgeon in Portugal, exposed Francisca to surgeries and other medical practices at a young age.


After witnessing a stranger murder her mother, Francisca becomes traumatized and discovers other monsters hidden inside herself.


Longing for any connection from to mother, Francisca and her father decide to keep her mother’s killer chained up in their barn. Francisca “takes care of” this man as if he were her pet. The gore begins with Francisca (remembering surgeries her mother performed) removing his eyes, and cutting his vocal cords so he can not speak. It’s an awful sight to see. We see Francisca feed him and talk to him daily.


Time passes, and we see Francisca grow into an adult.

Francisca all grown up, contemplating her next move. (Source:


Francisca’s dad passes away from natural causes. Instead of calling someone to take the body away and properly put it to rest, Francisca keeps the body in their home, and interacts with it as if he is still living. It’s disturbing. She sleeps next to him, sits and watches tv with him and even puts on a little dance for his rotting corpse. This portion of the film is hard to watch. It made me very uncomfortable.


Over time, her father’s corpse starts to decompose, and Francisca must dispose of the body. She buries him next to her mother. She confides to her mother and tells her how alone she feels now that her father has passed. She asks her mother for help.


Shortly after, she murders her “human pet,” and he is also disposed of. Now she is completely alone.


The following day Francisca hitches a ride from a woman who has her baby with her.  As the woman brings her truck to a stop, Francisca asks to hold the baby. The woman is hesitant, but lets Francisca hold her baby, Antonio. Once the baby is in her arms, Francisca opens her door and runs to her house, thanking her mother for bringing this baby to her.

Antonio’s real mom chained up in the barn. Creepy. (Source:

Francisca stabs the baby’s mother in the back, chains her up in the barn like she did with her mother’s killer, cuts her vocal cords, removes her eyes and feeds her daily. She raises the baby as her own, and he grows up not knowing the truth about this real mom.


Antonio witnesses Francisca go into the barn and  discovers the woman (his mom) in the barn. Realizing something is wrong, Antonio leaves the barn door open allowing the woman to escape. She gets help, and Francisca’s torture barn is shut down by the authorities.
This movie provides a grotesque tale, but lacks in the plot. It’s slow, and at some points boring. The gruesome scenes are letdowns. Viewers expect to see something horrifying, but the camera is always quick to pan away. This movie is mediocre compared to others of the same genre. Horror fans should watch it since it has made its presence known in the horror community, but don’t get your hopes up.

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