Besides Awkward Family Conversations, Kevin Smith Shows us Why Holidays Really Suck.

Holidays movie poster (Source:

Holidays is a film filled with different characters that each tell a story that revolves around a holiday, that we all associate with stereotypes or traditions. This movie squashes all of those traditions,stereotypes, and any happy memories we may associate with holidays. This anthology film, definitely makes every holiday, even the happiest of holidays, creepy as hell. Viewers will see favorite icons, like the Easter bunny, in a whole new twisted light. Remember when you found out Santa isn’t real? Each story has a horror factor that crushes away any mushy-gushy feelings you have toward a holiday.



One of the director’s of the film, Kevin Smith and his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, who also stars in the film.

With a bevy of directors (Kevin Smith and his buddies,) viewers are in for a hell of a trip down memory lane. Each story brings out emotions, memories and new twists on holidays.

Oh, the joy of a first crush (Source:

For Valentine’s Day, we see a girl deal with her first crush. Its seems like an innocent crush, but it ends badly, leaving Valentine’s Day seem like “survival of the fittest day,” instead of a day filled with chocolate and last-minute drug-store gifts. Holidays does a great job making each holiday, even the cute ones like Valentine’s Day, terrifying.

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