America’s Surgical Sweetheart

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American Mary tells the twisted story of Mary (played by scream queen Katharine Isabelle,) a medical student studying surgery, who has fallen into debt. She becomes bored with school and the mentors she once admired. When she can’t dig herself out of debt, she makes the decision to drop out of medical school and pursue other avenues for income. She enters a dark world of easy money and soon finds herself in a even bigger botch.


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Mary leaps into the controversial world of stripping. As soon as the strip club owners learn she was in medical school, she is rushed to the basement of the club to a bloody scene, of a man, on a surgery table bleeding and gasping for air. The group of men in the room surrounding the wounded man start yelling at Mary to “fix him.” Mary quickly scrambles to perform surgery on the man. Scared as to what might happen if she doesn’t perform the surgery successfully, Mary uses every ounce of knowledge she learned from medical school, and successfully saves the man’s life. Impressing the owner’s of the club, Mary soon becomes popular, and is treated like royalty. By performing this surgery, Mary was paid enough by the strip club owners to pull herself out of debt, have some extra money in her pocket.

With her recent surgical success in the strip club basement, Mary finds new “customers” knocking on her door. She is not asked to save people’s lives, or sew up open wounds, her potential customers are looking for something a little different. These new people are seeking extreme body modification surgeries. Were not talking boob and nose jobs, this is crazy, twisted stuff. Mary is quickly turned off by the idea and tells them no. Mary has a difficult time escaping these people. They are popping up everywhere she goes, begging her to perform unconventional surgeries on them. Remembering how quickly she earned cash with her last surgery, Mary eventually gives in, and a world of weirdos opens their arms to her.

Mary performs surgeries that are so morbid, Hannibal Lecture would turn away. I won’t spoil all the surgeries, but one surgery is performed on twin sisters who ask Mary to amputate a arm from each of them, then attach the arm to the opposite twin. That’s mild compared to the rest.

Twin sisters who would make the twins from The Shining proud. (Source:

These surgeries allow Mary to live a life of luxury, but she finds out money isn’t everything. She finds herself back to an unhappy state and seeking revenge on peers. Mary finds herself an heaps of trouble which ultimately leads to her demise.

Mary: A true legend in the world of strippers and freaky twins (Source:

American Mary is gruesome, and embodies what horror is. Katharine Isabelle is excellent as Mary in this film. We see her change into a greedy monster. American Mary is definitely not for the delicate flowers of the world, but for those who have the stomach to handle it, watch it.

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  1. This sounds good. I plan on going home after work and watching it 🙂

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